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Welcome to Gus Thornhill Scholarship Fund, Inc.! Our organization's goal is to provide ten (or more) $1,500.00 Scholarships to graduation seniors in the South Fulton area. We are one of the few scholarship foundations that recognize students with a 2.5 and higher grade point average. Please note the numerous fundraising activities presented during the year that we enthusiastically invite you to participate in.

We are a non-profit organization (501C3) registered in good standing with the Georgia Secretary of State therefore, your encouraged contributions are tax deductible. Thanks to all of you who have, over the years, supported our efforts and have made it possible to reach our goals.


Gus Thornhill Scholarship Fund, Inc. was organized in October, 1990 in honor of Major Gus Thornhill, Jr. upon his retirement from the East Point Police Department. Major Thornhill was one of the first black police officers hired by the city of East Point. Gus Thornhill Scholarship Fund, Inc. became incorporated in March, 1992 with a board of sixteen (16) members. The original board members were: Charles Barlow, Edward Connally, Ann Douglas (President), Edward Enous, Pearlie Harris, James L. Jackson, Tom Jones, Pat Langford, Rosa Lloyd, A.J. Mote, Ella Pierson, Annell Thornhill, Michael Thornhill, Lamonica Thornhill, Sherry Thornhill, and Irene Walton. The organization became a 501-C3 non-profit in May, 1994. The organization adopted the motto,

“Striving To Promote Excellence Through Education”.

The primary goal of the organization is to provide scholarships to high school seniors attending schools in south Fulton County who demonstrate both financial need and high academic achievement. The high schools in South Fulton County are: Banneker High
School, Creekside High School, McClarin High School, Tri-Cities High School and Westlake High School. Each school receives scholarship packets on or before March 1st of each year for students to complete by the April 1st deadline. A neutral committee is selected by the board of directors to review the applications and recommend the students to receive the scholarships.

The $1,500.00 scholarships are presented each year during an awards banquet held in honor of the scholarship recipients. The first banquet was held in 1992 and the organization awarded 3 scholarships. God enlarged our territory and we were financially blessed to award ten (10) scholarships beginning in 2004. To date we have given over $300,000 in scholarship funds.


Gus Thornhill Scholarship Fund, Inc. salutes all supporters and volunteers that have made the ventures of this organization a success. A special “thank you” is extended to Mr. Gus Thornhill Jr., the faith community, and our business partners for going beyond the call of duty.  


Board of Directors

Mary Brantley, President
Pat Langford, Secretary
Emma Bullock, Assistant Secretary
Pearlie Harris, Treasurer
Lynell Jackson, Assistant Treasurer
Stacey Reynolds, Chaplain


Yolanda Lawrence

Irene Norman

Beryl Rowden

Annell Thornhill
Lamonica Thornhill

Karla Wimbush

Demetria Wright

Neutral Committee
Karen Bates-Hill
Jacqueline McMichael

Joan Reid
Ernestine Sumlin

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